Question: Do I need a manual?
Answer : With Visual Money Manager you almost do not need a manual, it is explained on our YouTube instructional video.
Question: Can I back up my files?
Answer : Certainly back ups are strongly recommended.
Question: How many computers can I load this software on?
Answer : You can install our software on one computer only
Question: How do I import data from a previous software?
Answer : Yes, you are able to import your data from previous softwares, have a look at our YouTube instructional video on that.
Question: Can I track investments in more than 1 currency?
Answer : With Visual Money Manager you are able to track your investments in multiple currencies.
Question: Can I get historical exchange rates?
Answer : Yes, you can get your historical exchange rates thru Metastock EOD or Yahoo! Finance.
Question: Can I export the report to Excel to print?
Answer : Yes, We offer to ability to send the report to Excel in order to print.
Question: My portfolio is spread over multiple institutions how can I merge them in this software?
Answer : Yes, you have the capability of managing all your holding, regardless of the institution onto one convenient location.
Question: Do you have a refund policy?
Answer : We offer a free trial before you purchase.
Question: What are the differences in the versions available?
Answer : If you look at our Products page on our website you will see we have different versions or we can even custom design a program suited to your particular needs.