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Visual Money Manager Manual

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Easy, following on screen instructions.
Choose location folder where you want the program to be.
Add the MetaStock plug in.
Set up of Base currency and preferences
Overview of updates thru Yahoo Finance

An overview of the program from setting up Securities and X-rates.
Creation of Security types, sectors, sizes, regions, styles, also security bond and stock thru Metastock and Yahoo Finance and a transaction
Navigation of the tool bar, Icons and tabs.

Importing securities names using CSV files or MetaStock files
Mapping to match columns
Selection of all, 1 or numerous securities for import
Importing transactions using CSV files
Action mapping
Create templates

All or select holdings can be reflected on Metastock graph
Expert advisor and Commentary window shows the selected days transactions

Separate Icon always ready to take Limited Orders
Always shows on screen no matter what other program is open
Limited Order will show in Visual Money Manager software once open